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Instructions for use

The site was created for noble purposes next to it is a project for the creators of any profitable site, so you should as a user of the site to take into account what will be presented to you now and that his successor we will close your site permanently irreversible.

1 / You do not have to shorten porn sites or violating any religion.

2 / Prohibits the publication or shortening of the links of the infringing films.

3 / prevents the shortcut of malware that is used to penetrate the devices or sites.

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5 / prevents the use of exchange sites and if it is revealed that we will close your account irreversibly.

This Agreement provides for the terms and conditions on which the Site provides its services. If you use the Site, you agree to the following terms:

We reserve the right to suspend memberships attempting to abuse the system.
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All members must comply with all laws that include copyrights and trademarks, and do not allow images, videos and files that infringe copyrights. If anyone claims an infringement against you, we will ask that you remove the file to resolve the issue.
We are not responsible for any loss of images and files, nor do we make any credible requests regarding our future services.

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